Vietnam is one of the countries in East Asia with a long historical tradition, richness and cultural diversity with 54 ethnic groups living together on the S-shaped strip of land stretching from North to South. . Coming to each different land, we have the opportunity to experience and live in a different culture through people, cuisine, professions as well as the typical items and souvenirs of the local people. there. Handicrafts are also one of the pride of Vietnamese people. It not only shows us a culture of the place where we have stopped but also shows the talent and ingenuity of the artisans who make it.

Adam Crafts - A Dong Fine Arts was born with the desire to introduce gifts, souvenirs, handicrafts of the regions of Vietnam to friends at home and abroad. At the same time, it also contributes to bringing Vietnamese culture to the masses through meaningful and rustic handicraft products created by the people's own hands. In addition, there will be articles on food and tourism around the topic of introducing as well as helping people have rich resources when coming to Vietnam.

We - Adam Crafts - A Dong Fine Arts - specialize in trading and distributing handicraft products and souvenirs imbued with Vietnamese culture and people. Adam Crafts - Asian Fine Arts

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